I’m Mimi Pendlebury and am the proud mother of two breastfed children. I’ve been helping breastfeeding families since 1998 and I believe that each mother knows her baby best, and could benefit from respectful support on her breastfeeding journey.

Living in a small city when I became a mother of my first child the local support for breastfeeding was LLL [La Leche League] I learned much about the normal course of full term breastfeeding while being involved with that organization for well over a decade. About 12 years in I continued to come along side mommies who were still not always receiving enough expertise to help them achieve complete success over their personal challenges which spurred me forward thinking there MUST be more for lactation education and off I went on a journey to find that for other babies & their mommies. In 2011 I sat the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners 6hour exam to successfully achieve dual designation of an IBCLC [International Board Certified Lactation Consultant] and a RLC [Registered Lactation Consultant].

Some of my advanced training since completing the basic IBCLC, RLC training is increasing milk supply [galactagogues], ties [submucosal ties], soft tissue [structure & function], and my own extensive experience with pumping & SNS [supplemental nursing system] for at breast supplementation & suck training. My Human Lactation special interests include: Milk Supply, Low Weight Gain, Sore Nipples, Plugged Ducts, LGBTQ, Adoption, Mastitis, Relactation, Suck Training, Medication Safety, Interoral Challenges [submucosal ties of the lip/tongue].